Rethink your link with Jones Dairy Farm

Announcing the very latest in sausage innovation. With all-new flavors, like Four Pepper Chicken and Savory Pork with Sage, coupled with a tender, appetizing bite made possible with a revolutionary new vegetable-based casing, these links taste like nothing you’ve had before. Plus, they deliver superior performance and nutritionals. And, keeping with Jones quality and standards they are *All Natural with no preservatives, gluten, allergens or MSG.

Get improved flavor and texture—only from Jones Dairy Farm.

With new flavors and an innovative vegetable-based casing, these links will change the way you think about sausage.
They’re everything the Jones brand is known for, plus so much more.

Tender bite
The new vegetable-based casing delivers the snap you love with a tender, tear-free bite.

New technology
State of the art casing technology results in a new alternative that’s renewable.

High performance
Consistent browning and improved eye-appeal means these links look as good as they taste.

Improved pork sausage nutritionals
The best-tasting sausages you’ve ever had also come with 14% less sodium and 14% less fat per link than our collagen casing pork links.

New Flavor
Jones' All Natural* Four Pepper Chicken Sausage is made with the same family commitment to quality and taste as our other signature products. Our NEW chicken sausage contains 64% less fat and 14% less sodium per link than our collagen casing pork links.

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